Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 31st August 2021

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Not had a chance to catch those NWA shows from the weekend but they sounded interesting so I might get to them eventually. The Aldis Vs Murdoch match has received some good reviews and it’s nice to have different styles of wrestling out there to dip into now and then.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Lots went up yesterday, with Raw and Elevation reviews from Thomas and Andy respectively. Jabroniville posted another Joshi Spotlight and Logan posted another WWF review from 1990. Later on today it’s some more AWA from Scott Keith.

Now some news from Cultaholic

WWE hoping to have Sasha Banks back by the MSG show in September

The women’s side of Smackdown is going to be pretty loaded in that case

AEW wants to run in England at some point

I’ve said this before but I think they should do a Dynamite taping in London and then a Rampage taping up in Manchester or Liverpool

Adam Cole officially paroled from WWE

Good luck to him in whatever he tries next

Have a gooden everyone!