WWE Network Content

This may be more of a question for your readers since I think you still have the regular version of the network there in Canada, IIRC.

Do you know if all of the classic content has been moved over to Peacock as the WWE promised would be the case by Summerslam?

I was happily working my way through 1988 WCW and WWF when the switch happened and my shows vanished. I don't want to pay for Peacock if I can't continue the journey since I made it through all of 86 and 87 already. I'm mostly interested in the Primetime and weekly WCW shows that were available before, in addition to all the PPVs, of course. Thanks!

I'm somewhere in Scandinavia as far as the Network is concerned at the moment.  And I'm in the Netherlands to get AEW Rampage on Fite.  

And no, all of the classic content has definitely not been moved over yet, that much I can tell you.