Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 29th August 2021

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Had a nice day out in Brighton yesterday, and Everton actually didn’t muck it up for once as they actually managed to win the game! I was surprised how well we played to be honest, especially as Brighton have had a good start.

It’s Celtic Vs Rangers in the Glasgow Derby, with it currently 0-0 as of me writing this. Worth checking out if you’ve never seen one before, more from an atmosphere perspective than a quality of football one. Think of it as an ECW show from 95 where Guerrero, Malenko and Benoit aren’t booked so the wrestling isn’t amazing but there’s also an incredible angle or two and Public Enemy pop the crowd by coming out to Hotstepper

Not had a chance to see the NWA women’s show but might try and check it out in the coming week because it looks like they had a crowd

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott has got some WWF Superstars later. Thomas has uploaded more WWE reviews from 2007. Still time to read my review of Road Wild 98 from yesterday, along with Rampage reviews from Scott and Thomas

Now some news from Cultaholic

Awesome Kong has retired

I loved those matches from TNA with Gail Kim and enjoyed her run in GLOW. Good luck to her with whatever she does now

Jim Ross transitioning out of his regular play by play role

He’d be awesome at doing sit down backstage interviews actually, that would be a good use of them

Roman Reigns Vs Finn Balor on Smackdown next week

Should be a good match if WWE gets out of their way and lets them have it

Can Misawa hang on to the nL WGGP Title?

Have a gooden everyone!