And your AEW #1 contenders are……wait, huh?!

Scott, what do you think is the rationale behind giving title shots at All Out to wrestlers who didn't have a strong storyline connection to the current champs? Everything had been building to Hangman finally getting a one-on-one match against Omega. Then he didn't. Then with the tag team situation, I was getting into the idea of Jurassic Express getting a shot at the Young Bucks are getting screwed over by them. Then they didn't.  I just don't get it. I love Christian Cage, and Luca Bros are possibly my favourite in-ring tag team to watch, so this is nothing against them.

I think as long as they can continue to deliver great matches to pay them off, I'm OK with the odd booking at times.  In the case of this month, Hangman's childbirth situation obviously threw a wrench into their plans, but I was 100% wrong about Christian as a challenger and they've done a hell of a job creating a storyline for it and making me want to see the payoff.  I still disagree with the Jurassics doing the job again though, especially because I have no idea if Death Triangle are supposed to be babyfaces or heels, and the Andrade storyline has been such a drag thus far that booking around it is a complete waste of time.