Smackdown – August 27, 2021

Date: August 27, 2021
Location: Simmons Bank Arena, North Little Rock, Arkansas
Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Kevin Owens

It’s the fallout from Summerslam and in this case we have a pair of huge returns to television with Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar coming back to Smackdown. I don’t think there is much of a secret of where the two of them are going but I’m curious to see where they are going in both cases. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Becky Lynch’s return, where she beat Bianca Belair to win the Smackdown Women’s Title in less than thirty seconds.

Here is Becky Lynch, with a jacket that makes her look like a matador, to say she is back on top. A year and a half ago, she had to give up her Raw Women’s Title in a hard moment. It was giving up her identity but she has been working every day since to get back here. Now we get to Summerslam, and the fans don’t seem to like that. She knows there have been some people unhappy with her, but she is sorry…..FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The fans like that and Becky talks about how she needs to be prepared around here.

Cue Bianca Belair, who the fans seem to like as well. She isn’t about to make excuses because that isn’t who she is, but she isn’t cool with what happened at Summerslam. Belair issues the challenge for tonight but here is Zelina Vega to interrupt. She thinks it’s funny that Belair has fallen this far down and thinks she should get the title shot. Now it’s Carmella coming out to say she should face Lynch tonight. She didn’t have time to be prepared at Summerslam and didn’t even have her nails done.

Cue Liv Morgan (to a rather strong reaction) to ask why Carmella and Zelina should get title shots when they lose over and over. Carmella laughs at her for sitting in catering all the time but Belair isn’t having this. Belair: “All three of y’all done lost your d*** minds.” She challenges Becky again but gets a “nah, not tonight”. Lynch might be a heel, but no one seems to care. The brawl is on between the other four and I think you know where this is going.

Carmella vs. Zelina Vega vs. Bianca Belair vs. Liv Morgan

Joined in progress, elimination rules and the winner gets a future shot at Lynch. Belair shoulders Carmella in the ribs and then gorilla presses Vega, who doesn’t seem thrilled with going up. Vega avoids Morgan’s charge in the corner and hits a rolling kick to the face, only to get rolled up by Carmella for two. Belair comes back in and KOD’s Vega for the pin and the elimination at 3:02. Since Carmella and Morgan are both down on the floor, Belair has to throw Morgan back in, allowing Carmella to get in a cheap shot. That allows Morgan to hit Oblivion for the pin on Carmella at 3:57.

So we’re down to Belair vs. Morgan and we take a break. Back with Belair hitting the running shoulder in the corner but Morgan drop toeholds her into the corner. A spinebuster gives Belair two and she counters Oblivion into a delayed suplex….which is countered into a Codebreaker for Morgan’s two. The KOD is blocked so Belair drops her onto the turnbuckle. Now the KOD can finish Morgan off at 11:56.

Rating: C+. This was two matches rolled into one as the Carmella and Vega stuff was completely useless but it got a lot better when we got to the one on one part. They needed Morgan in there as beating Vega and Carmella means nothing for Belair, who needed the rebound win after Summerslam. Now they can build towards Extreme Rules and we should be in for a good road there.

Paul Heyman is asked where he stands, which would of course be behind, and just to the side of, Roman Reigns. Now he and Reigns have some preparing to do….but Heyman is locked out of Reigns’ dressing room.

We look back at Roman Reigns defeating John Cena but having to face Brock Lesnar to end the show. Paul Heyman dropping to his knees was great.

Heyman still can’t get into the locker room, and asks if Kayla Braxton has ANYWHERE else to be right now. Kayla says no, but the Usos open the locker room. Roman Reigns isn’t here yet, but they ask if he knew if Brock Lesnar was going to be at Summerslam. Heyman looks nervous but says no. Why would he tear down everything the team has built up? The Usos ask why they were sent to the back before the bell, though Heyman reminds them that it was Reigns’ decision. There is something going on here and I want to see where it’s going.

Chad Gable vs. Cesaro

Otis is here with Gable, who has to avoid an early Swing attempt. Gable takes him down and scores with the moonsault for two. The cross armbreaker over the ropes puts Cesaro in trouble but he’s right back up with a super hurricanrana. The Swing goes on but Otis runs in for the DQ at 2:14.

Post match Otis crushes Cesaro with the middle rope splash.

Baron Corbin, now in a new suit and a hat, drives up in a nice car and says you can now call him Happy Corbin.

Here’s Corbin in the arena, now with a slow machine themed Titantron video (it says WINNER) and he dances to the ring, where the red ropes are waiting on him. He was ready to file for bankruptcy on Monday and everything was over. Now though, everything is back and he looks incredible. We see a series of videos of Corbin gambling in Las Vegas and making a ton of money. Corbin: “I was the mayor of Jackpot City!” Owens: “…..the what???” His wife even welcomed his back with Wagyu beef (not Ragu, as I was scolded for not understanding a few weeks ago), but now he needs to talk to Big E.

Corbin appreciates Big E. for coming out and Big E. is glad Corbin doesn’t smell bad anymore. Corbin is so happy that he offers to buy the briefcase for $20,000. That’s a no, but Corbin just wants Big E. to be happy, because losing the briefcase will devastate you. Corbin bumps the offer up to $100k, but that’s a no, despite Big E.’s kids needing braces. Instead, Big E. offers to sell him half of a sandwich, a pencil or an ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS PLUSHIE!!! Big E. tells him to hit the bricks and Corbin does so, complete with that awesome song. This Corbin stuff keeps getting better and better.

We look at Edge beating Seth Rollins at Summerslam.

Edge is happy with his win, even though he paid for the victory. He didn’t like the place he had to go to to win, but now he is on to bigger things.

Seth Rollins isn’t happy with the loss, even in a great match. Edge won his respect and Rollins admires him, so maybe he should be more like Edge to get back to the Universal Title.

Roman Reigns arrives and Paul Heyman looks nervous, not even opening the door for him. Heyman refers to him as “my Tribal Chief” twice in a row to make up for it.

Robert Roode/Dolph Ziggler vs. Rick Boogs/King Nakamura

Boogs takes Ziggler to the mat to start and we get some guitar playing on the leg. Roode comes in to hammer Boogs down and we get an inset promo from Apollo Crews about how bad the Intercontinental Title is under Nakamura. Boogs fights up and brings in Nakamura but Kinshasa is countered into a rollup to give Roode two.

Nakamura is sent outside for a Zig Zag from Ziggler and we take a break. Back with Roode hitting a spinebuster on Nakamura but a kick to the face allows the hot tag to Boogs. Everything breaks down and Nakamura knocks Roode outside, leaving Boogs to hit the pumphandle slam to pin Ziggler at 9:03.

Rating: C. They have a little something with this Boogs/Nakamura pairing and it is the best thing that Nakamura has done for years now. Sometimes you need a fresh coat of paint to see what you can find and that seems to be what we are getting here. If nothing else, it was nice to not see the two of them against Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez, as they went with something fresh instead. Nicely done, and the guitar playing made it even better.

Naomi comes in to see Sonya Deville, who had no idea she was coming. Sonya has nothing for her to do, but they’ll do something next week. Naomi isn’t happy.

Rey Mysterio thinks it is time for Dominik Mysterio to wrestle on his own, so he has gotten Dominik a singles match against….well Rey isn’t sure.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Sami Zayn

Sami drives him into the corner to start but Dominik hits a quick backdrop. The springboard armdrag out of the corner sets up a dropkick to rock Sami again but the 619 misses. Dominik crashes down to the floor so Rey comes out to check on him as we take a break. Back with Dominik blocking the Blue Thunder Bomb and elbowing the heck out of Sami’s head. Now the 619 connects but Dominik rolls away from the frog splash. An exploder suplex into the corner rocks Dominik again and the Helluva Kick finishes for Sami at 7:47.

Rating: C-. Remember how Dominik has been doing his same thing for about a year now? This is the latest example, as Dominik still just isn’t that interesting. There is only so much that can be done with a guy whose whole deal is that he is the son of a famous wrestler and we are still getting to see it every week. The match was watchable, but Dominik has never really gone beyond that and that is a problem.

Post match Rey goes to help Dominik up but Dominik doesn’t want it and walks off, ignoring Rey’s pep talk.

The Bloodline is on their way to the ring and Paul Heyman tries to hand him the title. Reigns says Heyman is coming with them because he is family and Reigns loves him.

Here is the Bloodline for the big family celebration. Roman Reigns takes his time listening to the fans booing him so Paul Heyman says the people have the chance to acknowledge him. In addition, you may cheer for the Usos as well! Heyman says we have seen enough of John Cena, who was beaten by Roman Reigns at Summerslam. Cue Finn Balor to say that a lot of people are talking about the Universal Title, but he was wanting to challenge for the title himself.

Balor doesn’t trust anyone around here though and he isn’t waiting around. Instead, he wants his title shot next week on Smackdown. There is no answer but Balor charges at the three of them to start the brawl. Cue the Street Profits to go after the Usos, setting up a bunch of house show matches around the horn. Balor hits the Coup de Grace on Jey as an annoyed Reigns watches from the stage to end the show. The challenge didn’t get an answer.

Overall Rating: C+. This was all about the Summerslam fallout and it did well enough in that regard. They covered a bunch of stuff and you can see where a lot of things are going. Balor getting his title shot next week leaves them open for a likely fatal four way at Extreme Rules and then Lesnar vs. Reigns in Saudi Arabia, which is the most likely destination for everyone. The rest of the show was mostly talking based, but they hit the big stories well enough to make the show work.

Bianca Belair b. Carmella, Zelina Vega and Liv Morgan last eliminating Morgan
Cesaro b. Chad Gable via DQ when Otis interfered
Shinsuke Nakamura/Rick Boogs b. Dolph Ziggler/Robert Roode – Pumphandle slam to Ziggler
Sami Zayn b. Dominik Mysterio – Helluva Kick




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