Missed the Boat

Do you think TK missed a big opportunity of not taking advantage of the extra eyeballs on the product between Rampage and Dynamite by putting on two pretty lackluster shows? I get you don't need to stack the card as he has previously been doing since you already Punk hype, but I can't see many people who were new to AEW finding it must watch with the matches on each show. The main event of both shows were especially basically Dark matches, and I don't think anything memorable happen besides a couple tame punk promos. Well the Red Velvet spot was memorable but not the way they wanted. Add in what looks to be another dull Rampage tonight with spoilers already released, I wonder if both shows will fall back to previous rating plateaus until they have to use a Bryan debut to pop things up again. 

It just seemed like a weird time to be showcasing young guys rather than pulling out all the stops to take of advantage of the momentum they had. There are only so many debuts and free PPV matches they can do until they will be forced to have to rely on just putting on great shows each week to get strong ratings. So far they proven they can't get over a million viewers constantly by doing that. I didn't really see someone earning their booker of the year participation trophy from uncle Dave this week. 

Also, are they trying to Kill Matt Hardy?

They can TRY, I suppose.  

Sounds like Covid screwed up some plans, although really Dynamite did an all time high rating this week so it's hard to armchair quarterback TOO much.  But I would have opened with a stronger match, like Young Bucks v. Sydals or maybe a Dante Martin showcase again.