Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 26th August 2021

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Dynamite was kind of “just a show” last night, but I didn’t really mind too much. Even when a Dynamite episode is “so-so” you can usually see where everything is going story wise and I think they’re doing a good job of getting characters over whilst also hyping up the pay per view. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a wrestling show to watch, and that’s what last night was to me.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott Keith and Thomas Hall have AEW Dynamite reviews up. Rock Star Gary has posted some more World Class. There’s still time to read Jabronivilles recent Dream Matches compilation. My review of ROH Do or Die is still up. Logan’s review of WWF 1990 is still there and worth a read also.

Now some news from Cultaholic

Impact Wrestling want to sign Bray Wyatt

Would be a bit of a “statement” signing from them I think

WWE looking to keep Pete Dunne

He’s young, can work and is believable enough in the ring that it gets around the fact he isn’t the biggest guy on the roster, so trying to keep him is a wise move. You could put him on the main roster tomorrow and he could be a star provided he was booked properly

Jon Moxley taking on Satoshi Kojima at All Out

It seems like they’re doing something where Moxley works his way through the New Japan legends like Nagata, Kojima and Tenzan before someone else, likely Tanahashi, comes in to take him on, which I’m all for if that’s the plan

Shakhtar and Monaco had a darn good game of togger last night by the looks of things (Apologies if it’s been geoblocked by BT)

Have a gooden everyone!