What the World Was Watching: WWF Prime Time Wrestling – May 21, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan are in the studio and handle tonight’s broadcast.  Heenan blasts Tugboat’s gimmick, arguing that kids should want to be the President of the United States rather than “a stupid boat.”  Monsoon has a good counter, asking Heenan what the Barbarian wanted to be as a kid.

The Rockers-Bolsheviks match from Superstars kicks off the show.

Gene Okerlund’s Update segment recaps the Hacksaw Jim Duggan-Earthquake feud.  Afterward, Heenan warns Duggan that if he messes with Earthquake, he will be using a bedpan for life.

Rick Martel (10-1-1) beats Dale Wolfe via submission to the Boston Crab at 2:48:

Continuing the trend from his match against Roddy Piper a couple of weeks ago, Martel aggressively wears down Wolfe, giving him little space to breathe.  In the split screen, Martel hypes Arrogance.  Wolfe squeezes in a few dropkicks, but Martel recovers, works the back, and a backbreaker sets up the Boston Crab finish.

Monsoon argues that Martel is missing something to get to the next level in the WWF.  Heenan says that he will not talk about if Martel has approached him for his managerial services, but he knows that Martel has been approached by peoples in the fashion industry and those who want him to start his own escort service.

Brutus Beefcake (9-0-2) defeats Ken Johnson via submission to the sleeper hold at 2:13:

Beefcake cuts an insert promo against Mr. Perfect, vowing to defeat Perfect for the Intercontinental Championship.  Johnson stumbles around the ring like he is drunk and does a Flair flop after Beefcake takes him to the corner turnbuckle ten times.  The sleeper puts Johnson on dream street and he gets a haircut from Beefcake after the bell.

In a production snafu, Heenan argues that Beefcake defeated Ricki Ataki in the last match.

Promo time with Sean Mooney!  Dino Bravo and Jimmy Hart put over his World’s Strongest Man gimmick and promise to do a feat of strength that no one has ever seen before.  Hillbilly Jim challenges anyone in the locker room to a fight.

Akeem’s squash from Wrestling Challenge is shown.

The Hart Foundation (10-0-1) beat Randy Neverman & Paul Diamond when Bret Hart pins Neverman after the Hart Attack at 2:20:

The Foundation call out Demolition in an insert promo, vowing to win the tag team titles back when they get their title shot.  Jim Neidhart bowls over Diamond and Neverman takes a nice bump on a hiptoss, flying all the way across the ring into the Foundation’s corner.  By showing no vulnerability, the Foundation look to be a difficult test for Demolition in the future.

Heenan says he does not care if the Foundation, Golden Girls, the Jumping Bomb Angels, or Classie Freddie Blassie beats Demolition for the tag team titles, he just wants the tag team champions to be displaced.

A replay of the Rick Rude training vignette where he climbs a rope in the gym is shown.  When the broadcast goes back to the studio, Heenan points to a Ultimate Warrior poster where the Warrior’s mouth is open.  Heenan promises that the Warrior will have that same expression when Rude defeats him for the WWF Championship.

The Big Bossman (12-1) pins the Black Knight after the Bossman Slam at 1:57:

The Bossman stays undefeated since his babyface turn, not bumping and choking away between moves.  Curiously, there is no insert promo or mention of his feud with Ted DiBiase.  Afterward, the Bossman handcuffs Knight to the middle rope and abuses him with his nightstick.  Lord Alfred Hayes considers the post-match antics a crime against humanity.

Heenan gets off the phone with a staff member and he says that he has information that the Bossman is a fraud because he was just a “meter maid” and never worked in a prison.  Monsoon hilariously claims that Heenan must have gotten too much sun on the beach with Rick Rude and it cooked his brain.

Dino Bravo (w/Jimmy Hart) (12-3-2) defeats the Red Rooster (3-2-1) after a sidewalk slam at 3:29 shown:

This feature match took place at Madison Square Garden on April 30, and it is joined for its closing moments.  That helps some of its pacing and the Rooster scores a couple of near-falls from a clothesline and flying forearm.  However, when he charges Bravo again, he is planted with the sidewalk slam and loses.  The Rooster was on his way out of the company, evidenced by this match serving as his third straight televised loss and that this was his first televised bout since the “Ultimate Challenge Special” edition of Prime Time on March 25.  Rating:  *

A replay of Tugboat’s appearance on the Brother Love Show on Superstars airs.  Despite the segment, Heenan insists that Hulk Hogan has no friends.  He almost gets Monsoon to break by making fun of Jimmy Snuka’s “I love you” gesture, arguing that it does not mean that.  Instead, Heenan insists that it is Snuka’s favorite gesture because someone asked him when he was young how old he was and that is how he responded.

Jimmy Snuka (5-1) pins Buddy Rose after the Superfly Splash at 3:07 shown:

This was not booked as a short squash since it is joined in progress to Snuka and a sweaty Rose circling each other.  Rose takes a powder, but it does not work as he eats a headbutt off the ropes, gets slammed, and Snuka finishes with the Superfly Splash.  Snuka’s finish is over, but the crowd does not react to anything else he does.

More promos with Mooney!  Rick Martel says he is getting a lot of phone calls from television and Hollywood, but he is not taking them because his primary focus is going to the top of the WWF.  WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition promise to fight and beat anyone that wants to take their titles.

Rhythm & Blues (w/Jimmy Hart) (11-0-1) beat Jim Powers & Rudy Gonzales when the Honky Tonk Man pins Gonzales after a double side suplex at 2:58:

Gonzales started wrestling in 1982 for the San Antonio-based Southwest Championship Wrestling, feuding with Manny Villalobos.  He would later go on to wrestle for Mexico’s Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) promotion.  Fans of the early 2000s saw him as part of a controversial Smackdown! angle where John Bradshaw Layfield patrolled the Texas-Mexico border to stop illegal immigrants and the one he caught was Gonzales.

In the split screen, the Blues vow to use a three-part harmony to crush the Bushwhackers when they meet again.  Powers is able to hold his own against Greg Valentine, but Gonzales is not able to do as well, getting finished in short order.  After the bell, Valentine jams on his guitar while Honky tries to sing the “Hunka, Hunka, Honky Love” tune.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan (14-1-1) pins Pez Whatley after the three-point stance clothesline at 2:56:

As Duggan forces Whatley to flee after a clothesline, he does a split screen promo that promises a war against Earthquake when they face off again.  Duggan beat Whatley on Prime Time on January 22 and this match has the same outcome, with Whatley going down to fists and clotheslines.

The Barbarian’s squash from Wrestling Challenge is shown.  Monsoon tells Heenan that he is going to have problems controlling the Barbarian, but Heenan says even if the Barbarian is difficult, that is a good thing because it means the Barbarian is hungry for success.

Jake Roberts (10-1) defeats Bob Bradley after the DDT at 2:56:

Roberts works an armbar as Bad News Brown appears in the split screen and vows to make Roberts pay for messing with his birthday.  Bradley does an awful backflip elbow into the corner, doing the backflip but ending up too far from the corner for the elbow so he just has to back up to hit Roberts with it.  When he tries another backflip, Roberts flattens him with a clothesline and the DDT allows him to pin Bradley with one finger.  After the bell, Roberts throws Damien on top of Bradley.

A replay of the Superstars bout between Tito Santana-Mr. Perfect to conclude the Intercontinental Championship Tournament on Superstars is shown.  Heenan gloats in the studio afterward, saying that he thwarted WWF President Jack Tunney’s plan to keep the Intercontinental Championship out of his possession.

The Last Word:  Bobby Heenan found his funny bone again and had some of his best work since WrestleMania VI.  That kept the show rolling between squash matches.  In terms of storylines, Brutus Beefcake is pegged as Mr. Perfect’s first challenger for the Intercontinental Championship, a development that is not surprising because of the events of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament a few weeks ago.

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