Monday Night Open Mic


A little early today because I am still at work and have a few more meetings to go.

Lots of wrestling this weekend. I watched very little of it but you have three days worth of reviews from Scott and Thomas to keep you occupied. CM Punk stuff was fun, watched the rest of Rampage and still not my jam although I liked the Moxley-Garcia match for as short as it was. And Jade Cargill looks like money from a visual standpoint.

Summerslam was ok. Hard to complain about not having new stars when you have Bianca and Rhea in the fold and are afraid to put them over Becky and Charlotte. I tried to make a point about the Four Horsewomen sucking the air out of the room, but that’s not fair because Sasha and Bayley try to elevate people. Hell Sasha put Bianca over the best she could and Bayley was going to follow suit before the injury. Instead all that work goes for nothing.

That being said I think Becky will work as a heel. Part of her charm was that she was positioned as the underdog that rose up. Even the New England Patriots were faces in 2001. But eventually people turn on the winner and she hasn’t lost in a long time so a win over her is going to be valuable thing. And she’s talented enough to figure it out.

RAW is tonight. Elevators is streaming.

Keep it Clean.