Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 23rd August 2021

Happy Monday Everyone!

Managed to catch the Edge/Tyler Black and Dragunov/WALTER matches from the weekend and they were both as great as advertised and very much worth your time. WWE Network has been playing up for me so I haven’t seen the last two matches of Takeover yet, but I can’t imagine they’ll be as good as that NXT UK Title match was. Talk about one match essentially making a show a Thumbs Up all by itself!

Scheduled today on the Blog: I posted a review of ECW Heat Wave 98 over the weekend but it kind of got buried by everything else, as did a UWF review from Maffew, ECW and Smackdown 2007 from Thomas and WWF 1990 from Logan, so maybe click da links to dive into the archives and give those fine focaccia’s work a read eh? Today we’ve got Takeover reviews from Scott Keith and Thomas Hall. Later on it’s more Dream Matches from Jabroniville and then some more WWF 1990 from The Scisconator. Dave Newman also has some New Japan from us from today I believe. So there’s lots to read and forever to read it in, so please go and read it.

Now the return of NEWS from Cultaholic

SaudiSlam shall return

What’s the over/under for how long they have to wait on the tarmac this time?

Nick Khan is happy being the person in WWE the fans hate

How long before he’s an on-screen Heel authority figure?

Kay Lee Ray now in NXT

She’s really good, so that’s good news for NXT fans

Abroad in Japan is back with another vid

Have a gooden everyone!