ECW On Sci Fi – March 20, 2007

ECW on Sci Fi
Date: March 20, 2007
Location: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
Commentators: Joey Styles, Tazz

We are just about to Wrestlemania and even ECW is picking up a lot. This time we are going to be seeing more from ECW Champion Bobby Lashley, which means there might be some guest stars coming after him. That could help things out a lot, and the ECW Originals vs. the New Breed should be enough to keep things going. Let’s get to it.

In Memory of Arnold Skaaland.

We open with a recap (as in near replay) of Bobby Lashley breaking Chris Masters’ Masterlock last night on Raw.

Masters is here and promises to break Lashley tonight.

Opening sequence.

Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs. Marcus Cor Von/Kevin Thorn

Ariel is here with Cor Von and Thorn. Van Dam kicks Thorn in the face to start as the crowd is oddly quiet. Sabu comes in for a double Arabian facebuster and a dropkick to the leg cuts Thorn down again. A missed kick ties Van Dam in the ropes though and Cor Von blasts him with a clothesline to the floor. The villains (as in the stronger guys, which does go against most old ECW stars) take turns crushing Van Dam in the corner and we hit the chinlock.

With that not working for Thorn, Cor Von comes in for a chinlock of his own. Van Dam finally fights up for a kick to the head and Sabu comes back in to pick up the pace. A springboard leg lariat sets up a springboard DDT for two on Cor Von as everything breaks down. Van Dam headscissors Thorn outside, leaving Cor Von to hit a heck of a Pounce for the pin on Sabu (he went FLYING for one of the best looking Pounces I’ve ever seen).

Rating: C-. The match was the usual stuff from this feud but that ending made my eyebrows go up. You don’t get a collision like that very often and it looked awesome. That’s how you use someone’s natural talents to their advantage, because no one else was going to be able to hit like that.

Video on Snitsky.

Snitsky vs. Mike Tolar

Big boot finishes Tolar in just over thirty seconds.

The Sheik is going into the Hall of Fame. The look at the fireball is worth it alone, though it’s weird to hear him referred to by his real name.

CM Punk vs. Hardcore Holly

They start fast with Punk getting kicked away but coming back with an armdrag into an armbar. Cue Elijah Burke to watch as Punk hammers away in the corner. A hot shot cuts Punk off though and Holly chops away against the rope. Holly hits a clothesline to set up the chinlock and the CM PUNK chants start up.

Punk fights up with the usual collection of shots to the face but a glare at Burke lets Holly break up the bulldog. It’s time to take Punk up top, where he kicks Holly away. Burke gets on the apron for a distraction so here is Kevin Thorn to snap Holly’s neck across the rope (which Punk sees). The yet to be named GTS finishes Holly.

Rating: C. This was much more about advancing the Punk/New Breed stuff and it worked fine in that regard. Other than that though, it isn’t like there is a ton of drama to Punk beating Holly outside of some interference. They still need to upgrade some of the roster around here, or at least rotate people like Holly into something other than this. We’ve kind of hit Holly’s limit on this show and someone else WWE isn’t using could be a nice change.

Post break Punk comes up to Burke and says he doesn’t want any help. Burke says imagine what they can do for him at Money in the Bank.

Extreme Expose.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Elijah Burke

Sandman and Matt Striker are the seconds. Dreamer knocks him down to start before heading to the apron, where Burke hits him into the post. The chinlock is already on with Dreamer fighting up in a hurry. A neckbreaker and fall away slam put Burke down but he counters the DDT. The Elijah Express finishes Dreamer in short order.

Same Masterlock Challenge video which opened the show. That shouldn’t be needed in an hour long show.

Celebrities pick Trump vs. McMahon.

Chris Masters vs. Bobby Lashley

Non-title. They go with the power shoves to start until a shoulder makes Masters think twice. Lashley unloads in the corner and there’s a clothesline to the floor. Masters gets in a ram into the barricade though and it’s a suplex to drop Lashley back inside. The Masterlock is countered into a full nelson slam to plant Masters and the running powerslam finishes Masters in a hurry.

Rating: D+. They didn’t waste time here as this was all about beating up Masters to show what Lashley can do in a squash. It wasn’t good and it wasn’t technical, but why would you want something like that here? Lashley looked dominant and it isn’t like Masters has anything to lose in the first place.

Overall Rating: C-. They didn’t do much here as this show was about moving the ECW Originals vs. the New Breed forward with Lashley there too. It isn’t like there is a lot of depth to the two main matches on this show, making this a little more than a skippable week. It isn’t like WWE was focusing on most of ECW at this point though, as there are more important things going on.

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