Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 21st August 2021

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I’m off to Elland Road today in order to watch Leeds Vs Everton today. Leeds got clobbered by Man United last week, but then we got clobbered by them the week before, so I’m not sure either result will be a barometer on what the eventual score will be.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott Keith and Thomas Hall have posted Rampage reviews, although I don’t think much happened on that show. Some dude showed up I think. I’ve got a review of ECW Heat Wave 98, whilst Maffew has got some more UWF Fury Hour. Thomas has also reviewed some show called Smackdown. I hear the kids like it

No time for news today I’m afraid as I’ve got to rush. It’s not like there was a particularly big news story yesterday or anything though…

Have a gooden everyone!