NXT UK – August 19, 2021

Date: August 19, 2021
Location: BT Studios, London, England
Commentators: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness

It’s title week around here as Pretty Deadly is defending the Tag Team Titles against Moustache Mountain. That alone should be enough, but we also have Stevie Turner getting a Women’s Title shot against Meiko Satomura. Throw in the last push towards the UK Title match between Walter and Ilja Dragunov (in America) and we should be rolling this week. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Women’s Title: Stevie Turner vs. Meiko Satomura

Satomura is defending and has Emilia McKenzie in her corner. Turner goes at her to start and is headlocked takeovered down in a hurry. Satomura grabs a double underhook and survives being driven into the corner. The arm cranking is on so Turner bails to the rope and kicks Satomura in the face over and over. A big kick to the face drops Satomura to one knee but she is back up with a running forearm in the corner.

The STF doesn’t go on and Turner bails straight to the rope. The threat of a big kick to the head sends Turner bailing out to the floor but this time she sends Satomura into the apron. More kicks to the face rock Satomura and it’s off to the cross arm choke. That’s broken up with a Pele kick as the kicks to the face are strong in this one. A cartwheel knee to the back gives Satomura two and a Death Valley Driver is good for the same. The STF retains Satomura’s title at 8:50.

Rating: C+. It was a hard hitting match and Turner looked better than she ever had before. That’s one of the reasons you have Satomura on the roster: she is going to bring anyone else up while still looking dominant herself. Whoever takes the title from her is going to be a huge deal, and the more people Satomura defeats, the bigger her eventual conqueror is going to be.

McKenzie congratulates Satomura post match.

Oliver Carter and Kenny Williams want the Heritage Cup. Carter wants it to glorify his people but Williams wants it for himself.

Video on Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey before their showdown next week, with knockout or submission only to win.

Saxon Huxley vs. Eddie Dennis

The rest of Symbiosis is here with Dennis. They take turns shoving each other around to start with Huxley running him over. A running elbow gets keeps Dennis in trouble and he gets knocked outside in a hurry. Dennis forearms him to the face which just makes Huxley mad, but a hard clothesline does some more damage. Back in and a top wristlock is broken up by Huxley, who drops him with a running clothesline in the corner.

Huxley drops him onto the barricade, says BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME, and then knocks him back off. Dennis avoids a running crossbody in the ropes and Divine Proposition (I think) gets two on Huxley. The second try at the running crossbody hits Dennis though Huxley goes up. A top rope clothesline into a fireman’s carry slam (Sean O’Haire’s old Widowmaker) gives Huxley the pin at 5:42.

Rating: C. I was getting Berzerker vibes from Huxley here and that’s actually a good thing. He has come a pretty long way and it is nice to see the insanity actually working out and it works a bit better as the good guy. It isn’t likely to take him to the title scene but as a wacky guy who comes in and hurts people, it’s a nice idea.

Post match Symbiosis comes in to beat on Huxley and an assisted Severn Bridge leaves him laying.

Video on Jinny vs. Aoife Valkyrie.

Isla Dawn vs. Dani Luna

Dawn is still a bit out there so Luna takes her down with straight power to start. Luna does it again but this time Dawn is back up with a front facelock. A pull of the hair has Luna in more trouble and some kicks to the ribs rock her again. Dawn grabs a cobra clutch, as Nigel is worried about Dawn taking Luna’s soul. More power gets Luna out of trouble and it’s a fall away slam into a nip up.

Some knees to the face and a kick to the head set up a backdrop driver for two on Luna, whose kickout didn’t have much snap. Dawn goes up so Luna follows, only to have her hair pulled out. While Dawn is very happy, Luna grabs a fireman’s carry into a sitout powerbomb (back to back matches with a similar finisher) for the pin at 6:49.

Rating: D+. This wasn’t as good, with Dawn doing her thing with trying to pull out Luna’s hair until Luna got sick of it and knocked her silly. Dawn has been going more with the supernatural stuff and that is a different way to go. It is also a more logical way to go, as there is little reason to go with the same mostly boring Dawn that we have been seeing over the last few years.

Video on Ilja Dragunov vs. Walter, with various wrestlers and personalities talking about how this is going to be an amazing war. They better not be wrong.

Tag Team Titles: Moustache Mountain vs. Pretty Deadly

Pretty Deadly is defending and they have their own moustaches this time. Stoker and Bate lock up to start and it’s Bate being taken down into a wristlock. That’s broken up with some skilled rolling and it’s off to Seven to chop Howley. A running elbow gets two and Bate comes back in with a Swanton for two. Everything breaks down and the champs’ moustaches are ripped out before double clotheslines put them on the floor.

Back in and Stoker makes a blind tag before being sent outside again. This time Bate gives chase, with Howley nailing a clothesline to finally put the champs in control. That doesn’t last long at all as Bate slips away and dives over for the tag to Seven. House is cleaned in a hurry and it’s right back to Bate for two off a double suplex. Howley leapfrogs Seven though and the duck lets Stoker grab a DDT in a nice spot. To keep up the tradition, Seven doesn’t stay in trouble long and hands it back to Bate to unload in the corner.

Bate hits the big dive over the top to take out both champs and there’s the Liger Kick to Howley for another near fall. The Tyler Driver 97 connects….for two, with Nigel being rather stunned on the kickout. It’s back to Stoker, who hits a quick middle rope Codebreaker for the near fall on Seven.

Back up and the big right hand allows Seven to get over to Bate. The rebound lariat/dragon suplex combination gets two on Stoker, even with Seven taking out Howley. Stoker is back up with the spinning torture rack into the half crab, with Howley throwing in the towel. Seven says he didn’t do it and the distraction lets Stoker get in a belt shot. After Seven is knocked down, it’s Spilled Milk to Bate to retain the titles at 14:56.

Rating: B. This was a very fast paced match and it was better than I would have bet on. They are doing a good job of making Pretty Deadly, one of the least impressive looking teams in awhile, into a team that could hold the titles for a long time to come. Moustache Mountain doesn’t need the titles, but if they win them, it is going to be a huge moment on the big stage.

Overall Rating: B-. The matches were (mostly) good and the show felt big. That’s a good way to spend a little over and hour and NXT UK has figured out the formula so well. It might be the best weekly show going today and this was another good edition. Just keep going with the formula, and maybe set up a Takeover down the line, and it’s hard to complain about much around here.




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