Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 18th August 2021

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I’m off to Wales for a few days today, so I’m going to post the Thursday and Friday threads in advance just in case internet is scarce wherever I end up. Watched some more Daria yesterday and I’m up to Series 3 now, complete with wacky musical episode when the hurricane comes. It’s still holding up for me and I’d strongly suggest seeking it out if you’ve never seen it.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Welcome to Soda Pop and his Tuesday Evening thread! We’ve got NXT reviews from Scott Keith and Thomas Hall. Rock Star Gary has posted a World Class review. I’ve got an ROH review from 2003 scheduled for later. Jabroniville has more Dream Matches. Logan Scisco has more WWF from 1990

Goldberg appreciates Matt Riddle

Maybe we’ll get a match between them?

Roman Reigns says he’s made the Universal Title the most prestigious belt in WWE

Well yeah, it’s the belt John Cena is challenging for so of course it is

WALTER wants to wrestle Samoa Joe

Err, yes please!

Bryan Alvarez Raw Report

Have a gooden everyone