Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 17th August 2021

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

It’s already miserable weather wise and I haven’t even set off for my holiday yet. Ah, British Summer, it’s an acquired taste. I’ve not watched that Marvel “What If?” Show yet, and to be honest I was never really a massive fan of the comic series it’s based on either. Those “alternate reality wacky things happening” books like Marvel Zombies and Deadpool Kills Everyone never really interested me to be honest, but I know some people dig them and that’s probably the target audience for What If

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas Hall has the Raw review up. Andy PG has reviewed AEW Elevation. Jabroniville has another Joshi Spotlight. Logan Scisco has reviewed some more WWF from 1990. Scott Keith has got some Mid-South up later.

Now some news from Cultaholic

USA Network reportedly unhappy with WWE regards NXT

I personally think the whole “Live Vs Taped” thing is a bit of a red herring to be honest. If people want to watch the show then they’re going to watch it, whether it’s live or taped will likely make little difference. Still, potentially making USA Network unhappy, when their money basically allows you to book whatever you want without any fear of consequence because the money will always be coming in, doesn’t seem like the soundest strategy for WWE to pursue so they might want to do some schmoozing and assuaging, and do it quickly if they are actually annoyed

More matches added to SummerSlam

Bliss Vs Eva could potentially rival Gotch Vs Hackenschmidt when it comes to technical prowess!

Bronson Reed wants to wrestle Tomohiro Ishii

That would have potential to be the sluggiest of slugfests!

Phelous reviews the recent Mortal Kombat movie

Have a gooden everyone!