Here’s how I see the next six months of WWE programming shaking up. See if you agree. 

The Rock returns at Survivor Series to start the inevitable Rock versus Roman feud. The two have a decent enough program (well, as decent as can be with Rocky not being present at TV every week).

Of course, Rock versus Roman headlines Mania, with Rocky going over for the title.

A month later, Roman wins the rematch cleanly and gains the respect of The Rock in the process, which kind of pisses Paul Heyman off.

The next night on RAW, Heyman bitches at Reigns, telling Roman that he would’ve beaten The Rock if he followed Paul’s plan. Roman dumps Heyman as his advisor, turns face and cuts a promo claiming that he now respects The Rock, respects tradition, yada yada yada. 

Cue Brock’s music to interrupt, and now we’re back to three years ago again.
I still don't think Rock is actually beating Roman, but yeah, clearly the long game is for Rocky to put him over and make him into the #1 babyface again, for real this time.