Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 15th August 2021

Hey there campers!

So I got my second shot of Pfizer yesterday (Pfizer Uppercut!) and despite now having 5G inside me I still couldn’t get a signal in Goodison Park. The Toffees won the game at least. There was little in the way of social distancing going on in the concourse but I had a mask with me and I’ve tested negative this morning, so it looks like I managed to avoid purchasing a ticket to the Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour for now. Hopefully my Pfizer will have fully kicked in by the time we play Burnley at home in September, if crowds are still allowed by that stage.

Spent most of the evening binging series 2 of Daria as I recently bought an NTSC boxset of the complete collection. Sadly pretty much all of the music has been dubbed out, although that does mean you get the occasional unexpected bit of WWF/E stock music such as “You Look Fly Today” and whatever the name of The Holly Cousins’ music was. It’s a great show and well worth watching if you’ve never seen it.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott Keith and Thomas Hall’s reviews of AEW Rampage are still up, as are some 2007 reviews from Thomas for good measure. Everyone’s favourite Gregarious Geordie Maffew has posted another UWF Fury Hour. Dave Newman has put up another great article of wrestlers showing up on talk shows, including Yokozuna showing up on the Big Breakfast not too soon before he died. Scott has got some more WWF Superstars from 1993 coming up later and that’s always great. Lots of great stuff today, so I hope you are all adequately prepared to rock!

Now some news from Cultaholic

Ric Flair cornered Andrade in AAA

At least he didn’t wrestle. Now get him in NWA for an angle with Nick Aldis

Christian Cage will be working the Impact tapings

And I should chuffing hope so!

Smithers defends WWE for doing something stupid that no one likes

In other news, water is still wet

Premier League round up

Rate My Take Away guy goes to Camden to eat a massive hot dog

Have a gooden everyone