AWA hey Verne!

Morning Scott,

If given a second chance, do you think Verne Gagne would have done things differently in the '80s if he had limited pre cog ability's?
Would Greg Gagne have become a better car salesman?

Honestly even if he could have done things differently most of the big crippling moves were out of his hands anyway. Hulk was leaving in 1983 with or without the AWA World title.  Curt Hennig had been trying to get away for years, and only ended up as champion in the first place because he literally gave notice and forced Verne to put it on him.  And the Rockers were already in the WWF once in 1987 and were obviously going back again as soon as Vince forgave Shawn Michaels for fucking it up.  Once you've lost all your top guys, there's not much else you can do to stop the bleeding.