Summerslam ’92 Questions

Hi Scott,


I have a lot of affection for this PPV too, probably because we only had PPV in Ontario for about a year at this point, so they still felt like a big deal. Plus the two main events are great even if there is little else.


A few questions regarding the PPV.


  1. Why did LOD go over here? Money Inc was a taping or two away from regaining the belts and that had to already be the plan, since Natural Disasters were flops as face champs. I believe
    this is the last time LOD is seen on WWF TV until their return in 1997. Did they know Hawk was leaving here or was it a situation where he just bailed on them before the next taping? Or did they know LOD was on the outs but just did this win due to them being
    notoriously hard to convince doing jobs on TV matches? LOD and Vince situation must have been really volatile going into this show, so I’ve always been curios why they got the clean win over a pushed team.
  2. Papa Shango gets the win here and is about to be programmed with Bret Hart. Do you think there was bigger plans for him or was he just being put n the spot to put over Hart after flopping
    with Warrior?
  3. Why do you think on two occasions Rick Martel was put in heel vs. heel programs? There is this one and then a year after the very mini-feud with Adam Bomb. Do you think there was some
    rough plans for him to go back face and this was testing the responses?
  4. Why did they bill Portland based Crush as Hawaiian? Because he vacationed there once? He saw a photo in a brochure? Vince recently saw an ad for Hawaiian Punch and thought that could
    be a great gimmick?
  5. I know Meltzer reported it at the time, but do you think there was ever any real plans to turn Warrior heel here or was the finish always the plan?
  6. Could Kamala has ever worked in 1992 WWF? If the Kamala of 1986/1987 came in where he knew how to pin and came off as more of a monster, could that have worked better and got him over
    here? He was a huge draw against Hogan in 1987. If he was more like that then the guys who didn’t understand wrestling or ran away from caskets then did he have any chance as a top heel? Or was his act too stale by this time?


 1.  LOD went over because there was no chance of convincing Hawk to do the job, and they didn't know he was going to flake on them and disappear.  

2.  I doubt there was any plans for him.

3.  Doubt it..

4.  No chance.  

5.  He was really stale.