Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 8th August 2021

Goodness me it’s another Sunday!

Going to probably have myself some KFC today for the first time in 18 months or so because I previously didn’t get the chance what with lockdowns and dieting and whatnot. I’m sure it will have retained the same award winning taste I’m familiar with.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas Hall has an absolute cluck-tonne of reviews from 2007. Maffew has uploaded another Herb Abrams UWF Fury Hour. My review of the Nitro where Lex Luger didn’t choke is still up if you fancy checking the archives for it. Scott Keith is doing yet another ECW review, which fills my soul with joy. On top of that it’s also SummerSlam 93 later on I think.

Now some news from Cultaholic

Smackdown ratings are up

Maybe a combo of Cena, Sasha and Finn all freshening up the show a bit has started to get viewers interested?

Adam Cole had a meeting with Vince McMahon, and it supposedly went well

Cole always comes across as a nice chap so I hope he’s happy wherever he ends up

Dakota Kai works a dark match on Smackdown

If they do call her up I hope they actually let her finish whatever NXT storyline they’re doing with her instead of just plonking her on the main roster without finishing her up like they did with the likes of Tegan Nox and Toni Storm

Game Grumps play Sonic Mania

Have a gooden everyone!