Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 6th August 2021

Howdy everyone!

Played Jaws on the Nintendo Entertainment System last night. Oh dear, that one is an absolute load of mince let me tell you. The core gameplay loop is just boring and the game itself gets super cheap the further in you get. Heaven help you if you happen to have to fight Jaws in shallow water with a shedload of jellyfish coming at you for good measure.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Andy PG’s award winning Indies thread is still up for viewing. Scott has got another SummerSlam countdown coming up later today, whilst Logan Scisco has another WWF review from 1990. I’m sure Thomas Hall will have the Smackdown review up overnight as well. You can set your watch by that man!

Now some news from Cultaholic

Bert Prentice passes away aged 62

Please stop it with the wrestling deaths this week already! Prentice isn’t someone I personally know a lot about but I remember seeing him pop up on EWR when I would play it back in the day. RIP and thoughts to his friends and family

Some big matches for Impact Emergence

Melina Perez apparently debuted recently too. I’m thinking I need to check the show out. I’m also considering getting Impact Plus again after a previous bad experience with it put me off for a bit

Usos Vs Mysterios at SummerSlam

Cue Dominik turning on his Dad in front of 45,000 people whilst Vince McMahon belly laughs in Gorilla I guess…

Pete Dunne’s WWE contract supposedly expiring

Dunne is someone where I kind of think he should stay because I think he’d get over on the main roster and he hits hard enough that McMahon, Dunn and Smithers would probably be okay with him. Plus, he’s still young, so I could see Vince possibly making him into a bit of a pet project. It’s a gamble though, because you know any of Impact/ROH/New Japan/AEW would happily push him to the moon due to how good he is in the ring, so he’s probably being given lots to mull…

But thinkin’ ain’t drinkin’ so here’s the YouTube vid for the day!

Have a gooden everyone!