Hunter Rhodes

So will it be Cody's new thing to get squashed around this time every year so he can leave to film his show? You could see it coming a mile away. It worked with Brodie but it just didn't seem to have the same effect this time around. Plus I saw Cody almost lose to Sonny Kiss and a guy named Warhorse, getting his ass kicked by Black isn't that shocking. Was it too much for them to just have a great match, Cody do the job, and Black standing tall at the end? Instead we had to get a rambling Cody promo longer the match itself, while basically no selling the Black Mass (which barely touched him) so he could put himself over and make it all about Cody. Like read the room, as much as he tries he is just not this mega face he thinks he is. 

I must be watching wrong, I didn't see last night making Black some big star. Plus it just let us know America's hero will now have to return to get his win back. And once CM Punk and Daniel show up Black will be stuck on Dark, or worse, suffer the fate of Hangman where after a year build he got the dreaded “sorry, plans change bud.” That show should have ended with Cody unconscious and he could of just left his boots in the ring off air without the long winded promo. But Cody has to be just like his idol and make it all about himself. He literally sent out a text to dirt sheet writers prior to match last night that was almost word for word what he said in the ring so he could get his heat back before even doing the job. We get it, your competition, it's the revolution, let us praise you for making wrestling great again. Thank you for stepping aside so others could eat! 2003 HHH called and wants his gimmick back. 

The irony of you constantly sending me these attention-seeking emails about AEW is not lost on me, fear not.