Great match that made you mad.

So, since I referenced the 2002 HBK/HHH match a couple of times today, it got me wondering. Do you have any other notable great matches that at the time irritated you at the time for different reasons?
Oh, so that was you?  OK now I have a name to put to the profile so I know who to picture when I drop the ban hammer.  KIDDING.  
Yeah, I think a lot of stuff that WCW did in the 90s irritated me at the time but I really like it now.  In particular matches involving Konnan and ones involving political maneuvering that were irksome at the time but now it's like “the promotion's already dead and buried, who gives a shit?”  I find that I can really appreciate the cruiserweight and in particular lucha libre matches from that era WAY more, as well, because now I understand the style and I really didn't at the time.  At that point they would throw a trios match on Thunder with six Mexican workers and it was background noise to me, but now when I'm watching Nitro it's a highlight of the show.