Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 5th August 2021

RIP to Beautiful Bobby Eaton

I decided to go with WCW Mayhem as the feature image today because Eaton did a lot of motion capture on the game and ended up getting added as a playable character as a result. So if you’ve ever enjoyed playing WCW Mayhem then you can do so again secure in the knowledge that Beautiful Bobby played his part in making it happen

Scheduled today on the Blog: AEW Dynamite reviews from both Scott Keith and Thomas Hall are up, along with a 2007 Raw review from Thomas for good measure. My recent ROH review seems to have bombed, but it’s in the archives if you fancy giving it a sympathy read. Jabroniville and Logan Scisco still have a Dream Matches and WWF 1990 review respectively from yesterday evening that are worth your time. Scott will be continuing his SummerFest countdown later as well.

Now some news from Cultaholic

Nattie Neidhart currently out with an ankle injury but hoping to be back in under a month

Nattie seems to get a lot of hate on here for whatever reason, but I’ve always thought of her as a perfectly cromulent wrestler who works well as mid-card level person

Impact Wrestling Tag Belts to be defended on Dynamite next week

I’d be surprised if The Good Brothers lost, although Hangman Page helping Dark Order win could help him rebound somewhat and they could maybe get him back into the Title match by having an enraged Omega demand revenge?

Jody Hamilton passes away aged 82

Not a good week for wrestling deaths. I will say that 82 is at least a “proper” age at which to die though, so it’s not quite as tragic as Bobby going in his early 60’s. Still very sad when someone passes on though and thoughts are with Hamilton’s friends and family at this time

And now that you’re all suitably down from that sad news, it’s time for the comedy stylings of Maffew! Are you ready to laugh?!?!

Take care everyone