Hey Scott, hope you and the family are well. I am actually in an argument with some younger wrestling fans about AEW bringing in Punk and Bryan. I know it's going to pop a rating, but longterm don't you think this is shades of WCW, 96,97,98? They are signing aging vets, with injury histories. I feel like Vince is purposely letting them walk as the product has been stale for years and those talents like Bryan really did not bring in ratings. Having the amount of talent AEW is great short term, but, long term the talent is going to age fast and also the wrestlers are old in terms of TV time.  I honestly feel Vince is just playing the long game and letting Khan be a fan boy. Also, did you hear about the promotion who gave a bunch of talent creative control? I just feel AEW is going to fall into the WCW rabbit hole.

Daniel Bryan was one of the biggest draws of the modern era.  CM Punk just sold out an entire arena without even being announced as appearing on the show.  It's 100% the right move for AEW to make.