Holy crap, my ending made Botchamania!!!

Hey Scott, it's long-time regular Bonzai, and I'm not gonna bury the lede, MY ENDING MADE BOTCHAMANIA 438!!!! (I only just found out because I was a few days late in watching it, JEEEEEZUS)

I'm a professional video editor by trade and I made this mashup of John Wayne and Stone Cold a few months ago for the fun of it, and decided last week to, what the hell, send it to Maffew for consideration, and FIRST TRY, I GOT IN! So I just wanted to put out my public thanks to Maffew for making this windjammer's dream come true, so much so that I don't give a crap my Twitter handle is completely wrong in the description!

Here is the original video, and it can be seen at 15:22 in Botchamania 438. THE BOYHOOD DREAM HAS COME TRUE

That must make Maffew feel pretty old then.