The Average At Best Tuesday Night Thread (8/3/21)

“He may get over, until they do something stupid with him.”- Jim Cornette on Malachi Black

Welcome to wrestling in 2021. There are no stars, just guys. People can make an unheard of amount of money and not even wrestle on television, or be an undefeated champion of their brand and then job like a bitch to Jeff Harvey. They can release the biggest merchandise seller so far this decade and say he costs too much (!), because they already gave his gimmick to a voodoo doll. The companies sell tickets, not the names…. until they drag out Goldberg or Sting or Cena for neverending farewell tours nobody asked for (just wait til AEW gets Flair, I dread it). One company is so designed for children it’s a laughing stock, and the other loses advertisers over bloody pizza cutters and has a VICE PRESIDENT WITH A NECK TATTOO.
So why bother? Why follow a performance art (not a sport, despite the athleticism) that you are afraid to tell some people at work you watch? Why care when these companies make dumb decision after dumb decision? Why pay for merch and Peacock and pay per views?
I think it’s because deep down inside, we’re still that kid on the living room rug, mesmerized by Hogan vs. Andre. Still the high school dork who jumped up and down when somebody, ANYBODY beat the nWo. Still the college kid with the fifth row house show tickets we cancelled that date over (and she could get it. Remember her? Damn.)
When wrestling is good, there’s nothing better in this world. When it’s bad, it’s probably Impact.

In the news….

WWE: we own the WCW name, now watch us make all their mistakes!

Dude, you already have Britt Baker, what more do you want?!?!

Lio Rush is back! Remember him? Lio Rush? No? Ok. Well, Lio Rush is back.

Don’t forget NXT is on SyFy this week and has Johnny Gargano vs. Dexter Lumis as YOUR main event. Plus AEW Dark and more Olympics (which unfortunately won’t rep my favorite team, the Really Rottens. Dastardly and Muttly ftw.)