So it seems WWE aka Vince is Baiting AEW

Not necessarily Andrade and Black but the Wyatt and Flair bloodletting and maybe the Cole expiration which they have forgotten about taking care of resigning.  They have a new show and IMO a decently streamed roster with many up and coming young guys. What do you do in Tony Kahn's place? Understanding relationships between EVP  to the talent and other relationships to people like Flair.  Can they afford these and should they sign them in your opinion?

Cole, yes.  Bray, maybe?  I don't know how well he'd fit in, but they could make a shitload off merch with him.  Flair, no.  Maybe for a one-night deal where the Horsemen reunite or something, but they don't need him and he offers nothing of value at this point when they already have Sting and Arn.