Building momentum post COVID

Do you think WWE Impact and AEW will be able to build off this upswing demand for live entertainment or are you taking bets for when each company blows this opportunity?

If another lockdown does occur in less than a year, ultimately what do you think the ramifications of such a thing would be? 

Also, what is up with money pic icon for the website and your email?

Stay safe.

Both companies are already super-hot at this point in ticket sales, WWE thanks to John Cena and AEW thanks to everything else, so they're both doing a great job of cashing in while the iron is hot.  The test for WWE will come once Cena leaves against after Summerslam, though.  

If another lockdown happens I guess they'll run all of their shows out of Florida or Texas.

The money picture is referencing a famous meltdown from a former blog poster where he declared I was “leaving money on the table” by not bringing him back and it became a meme for a good long while.