Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 3rd August 2021

S’up Dudes and Dudettes!

I’ve decided that I’m terrible at GTA III in any mission that requires combat. It’s amazing how just adding the ability to hide behind cover makes the latter games in the series feel less like frantic “run around and pray you don’t die” scenarios whenever you need to shoot someone.

I still have zero idea what’s happening with AEW’s new Rampage show over here in the UK. I keep expecting it to show up on FITE as part of the AEW Plus membership, but I should probably double check that seeing as the 20th August episode is probably going to rather important.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Heck of a lot already posted that deserves your consideration, such as Impact Wrestling and Raw reviews from Thomas Hall, Joshi Spotlight from Jabroniville, WWF 1990 from Logan Scisco and AEW Elevation from Andy PG. Make yourself a brew, open a pack of biscuits and have yourself a chuffing good read! Later on we’ve got some AWA from Scott Keith for good measure. You can’t say we don’t give you a varied and enjoyable collection of reviews for you to get your chompers into!

Now some news from Cultaholic

TV Networks apparently unhappy with Bray Wyatt’s release

Knowing how WWE is so reliant on the big TV rights fees in order to cover up for their terrible creative it would probably be prudent for them to nip such disconcertion in the bud by the time the next negotiation cycle comes around…

Goldberg Vs Lashley is official for SummerSlam

Was it ever in doubt?

AEW now has a TV deal in India

Not a bad move, that’s an audience worth courting

Have a gooden everyone!