To Cole or not to Cole

Hey Scott,

Longtime reader, first time emailer (also I'm really enjoying the lucha underground rants, please keep them coming). 

With news breaking today that Adam Cole's contract may be coming up this month what do you think would be the best option for him?  Stick it out in NXT, maybe take a shot on the main roster, or make a break for AEW? 

From the other side of things, is it worth it to WWE to put up a decent offer to keep him?  With AEW's roster getting more and more stacked by the day would Adam Cole bring anything to their already crowded table or get lost in the shuffle? 

Hope the vacations going well.  Thanks!

Well it's only been one day but no one's died yet so that's a positive for the wrestling business.  
As for Cole, he should 100% go to AEW.  There's nothing for him on the main roster in WWE and he's already gone round and round on NXT as much as he possibly can.  Although if the rumors that he's been without a contract are true, then they're STUPID for putting him over Bronson Reed last week.  But I think either way WWE has gotten everything they can out of him given where they see him, so there's no point in hanging onto him.