Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I hope all is well and everyone is having a great Monday. Now you just have to take your RAW medicine and hope is doesn’t taste like castor oil.

Couple of big news pieces from the weekends are releases. Bray Wyatt’s release didn’t really shock me. I loved the Wyatt Family gimmick and I loved his ability to talk in that gimmick. I never got into the Fiend. It was silly stuff to me and it took away his greatest strength, which was talking. Without that he was an ‘eh’ worker that looked ridiculous. The Wyatt Family should’ve evolved more than it did. I wonder how Bray would’ve faired with opponents that could’ve put over the act a little better — like Foley or Undertaker during his full-time days. Particularly Foley. I think they would’ve been great as allies or adversaries.

And than Ric Flair was released today. I assume he was released from a Legend’s contract and I have no idea where he goes and what he has to offer besides bleeding a lot. I hope he’s not going to be in AEW blading week in and week out. It’s not anything I would want to see. Hopefully the guy steps back for a second and just wants to rest and enjoy the rest of his light outside the limelight. Meanwhile I’ll just continue to watch Mid-Atlantic and WCCW from the earlier 80s and watch the guy having mat classics with Harley Race and the Von Erich boys.

Randy Orton is returning to RAW tonight. It’s in Chicago which means we’ll get a great crowd.

More Olympics tonight. I think the 400M hurdles are the big live finals and I’ll be all over that. We got some baseball too.

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