Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 2nd August 2021

Hey there Chilli Dogs!

Watched Captain Marvel for the first time yesterday and the cat was the definite star of the show for me. Interesting to see Jude Law playing someone who isn’t just the dishy love interest as well. I’d give it a thumbs up and the soundtrack is an all-timer.

Scheduled today on the Blog: James Fabiano has another Raccoons Review up for your reading pleasure. Rock Star Gary is still reviewing the AWA (rather him than me). Scott Keith has another Wrestling Challenge review scheduled for later. More Joshi Spotlight from Jabroniville later on and Logan Scisco will be seeing us home with some more WWF from 1990

Now some news from Cultaholic

Jinder Mahal wants to bring back the Punjabi Prison

Has there ever really been a good one of those?

Josh Alexander has laid down a challenge to the AEW roster

Will be interesting to see if someone answers that challenge actually

Hangman Page apparently won’t be wrestling at All Out

I’m hoping this is just misdirection from the AEW side as Omega Vs Christian in front of a crowd that wanted Omega Vs Hangman could honestly be the first time an AEW crowd brutally turns on a match. I’m sure the match itself will be good, but COME ON

Have a gooden everyone!