It’s still Hangman/Omega at All Out

Why is everyone losing their minds about Hangman getting cheated on Dynamite? They sold 10,000 tickets to All Out in about 8 seconds because they did the Hangman/Omega staredown. Why doesn't anyone realize thats still the main event?

The reason I ask is they did the *exact* same fake out with Moxley/Omega about six weeks out from Revolution. If AEW has a “trope” for PPVs, it's teasing the big main event, faking in another direction, and ending up back there. Ditto for Double or Nothing with the Inner Circle/Pinnacle headlining after they did Blood & Guts on TV.

I guess I should tip my cap to Tony Khan & company for working smarts into a frenzy, but I'm mostly confused. Has no one else been watching this company for the past 2 years? With the exception of the 1st Sting match tagging with Darby, they dont announce any PPV matches til the final push and I'm guessing they want to focus on Punk's arrival for the next 2-3 weeks.

Anyway, when Hangman wins the title at All Out, doesnt messing with the smarts for a few weeks make it even better? 

Ok bro.  Whatever you need to tell yourself.