Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 31st July 2021

Happy end of the month one and all!

Didn’t stay up to watch Smackdown last night as I had to get an early night. I saw bits of the contract signing on YouTube this morning and it’s good to know that in the magical world of WWE contracts you can get anything you want so long as you intercept the person who is about to sign the contract and sign it before they do. If only it were the same in the footballing world, as I could have Polish Hammered Fabian Delph before the useless waster signed his Everton deal and gotten a good player to sign on the dotted line instead.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas Hall as a review of last night’s Smackdown up and ready for reading. Scott Keith is doing yet another ECW review from 1996 later, which fills me with happiness. I’ve got a new Stinker Review, which should be showing below this update. There is still time to read yesterday’s Joshi Spotlight and WWF review from 1990 courtesy of Jabroniville and Logan Scisco respectively

News from the lads and ladies at Cultaholic

The reaction to Matt Cardona’s GCW Title win was planned in advance

That’s…kind of lame actually to be honest

Sasha Banks is back on Smackdown

Makes you wonder where Becky is going to eventually end up as well. If she goes to Smackdown then they will definitely have the best Women’s Division

Tony Khan gave TNT a heads up about the violence on Dynamite

Stuff like this is probably why TNT likes them

Have a gooden everyone!