They Can’t Be Serious…..Right?

Scott, I don't know if you've seen this yet, but this is from Bryan and Vinny:

“Adam Page is not getting the main event for All Out with Kenny Omega. At one
point it was the plan but plans change. The ten-man tag was designed to shock
people when they veered off that match, but one would think they will be going
to it later. They were pushing Christian Cage for a title match next. Whether
that’s for TV in a few weeks or PPV should be clear pretty soon. They’ve done
angles to where they should do Cage and Eddie Kingston both against Omega, but
Christian feels to me like a match for a major Dynamite and Kingston could
headline a PPV but with the additions maybe it’s a TV match as well.”

I mean……..really?

I mean, it would make sense if they have a hell of a main event to replace Page, like Bryan, but if it’s Christian and they’re just stretching out the Page thing again…not good.