Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 30th July 2021


Add Falcon and Winter Soldier along with Wanda-Vision to the list of Disney+ shows I have now watched in a recent cram session. Overall I enjoyed all of them, with Loki probably being my favourite but Falcon and Winter Soldier came me a few cases of the feels, so well done on that front. I will be interested to see where things go.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas Hall already has a review of NXT UK up, whilst Scott is doing another WWF Superstars review from 1993 later on today. Jabroniville has got another Joshi Spotlight in the books, whilst Logan Scisco will be taking us back to 1990 for some hot WWF action. As Gorilla Monsoon would say, it will be a happening!

Now some news courtesy of Cultaholic

Eric Bischoff wanted to do a brand split in WCW

That nWo show would have probably been a disaster based on that Souled Out show from 1997

Carmella open to switching to Raw

You’re probably best off being on the show that doesn’t have Charlotte Flair The Mighty Destroyer Of All Living Matter on it to be honest there Carms, so the grass isn’t always greener

AEW might need to get Pizza Hut or Papa John’s on the phone for a new sponsorship deal

I’m sure Dominos is a horrible corporation who has done many horrible things and it’s thus churlish for them to complain about a subject such as this, but they owe it to themselves to do the best thing for their “brand”, and if this caused them some potential bother then they’ve got every right to consider removing their advertising. Live by capitalism, die by capitalism

Have a gooden!