Big wrestling men in japan

I have not been the biggest follower of multiple feds the past 10+ years and even longer of japan until recently, and through some catch up i'm curious on these 4 guys.  Can you or someone point me in a right and/or match direction what is intruiging about The Good Brothers?  I don't find them terrible or anything but i also don't see what makes them different. Karl Anderson made it to a G1 Finals against Okada, was he really that good at the time? While were at it, was anything stand out in japan of Giant Benard?  Was there something he was showing there that for whatever reason wwe never capitilized on with him?  And last, Scott Norton.  I never got into him in wcw and thought he was one of the worst additions to the nWo.  Apparently he was big in japan.  How big?  How good?  Vader level or close?  Thank you. 

Scott Norton wasn't good at any particular point, but he was HUGE in Japan because he's huge, and he could work well enough within his limitations over there to put together decent matches.  He barely gave a damn in the US, though.  I didn't see much of Albert in Japan to judge.  The Good Brothers are definitely an acquired taste in some ways.