Impact, Indies, and Insanity: July 29, 2021

IMPACT gives us: Moose and Chris Sabin in a rematch; Bullet Club’s leader Jay White and potential recruit Chris Bey against ex-members The Good Brothers; Ace Austin/Madman Fulton/Rohit Raju/Mahabali Shera vs David Finlay IV/Juice Robinson/Fallah Bahh/No Way Jose; Taylor Wilde is back in action facing Kaleb Withak; Violent By Design’s Deaner and Rhino tackle Rich Swann and Willie Mack; and in the pre-show, Steve Maclin goes against Trey Miguel.

So, do you like tournaments?  Do you like indies?  Brother, this is your weekend!  More after the jump!

  • CLEVELAND, OH — Absolute Intense Wrestling presents the Chandler Biggins Memorial Tournament (Friday, 730PMET, IWTV)!  12 men compete in six singles matches to get to two three-way semis and a final.  Your first-round matchups are:
    • Derek Dillinger vs. The Duke
    • Dominic Garrini vs. Mikey Montgomery
    • Ethan Wright vs. PB Smooth
    • Kaplan vs. Razor Sharpe
    • Tre LaMar vs. TBD
    • Wes Barklet vs. TBD
  • MORGANVILLE, NJ — Who doesn’t love the ECWA Super 8?  Well, now we have the sixth let’s-try-to-be-annual Women’s Super 8 this weekend (Saturday, 2PMET, IWTV)!  Adena Steele, Ashley D’Amboise, Damaris Albright, Erica Leigh, Gabby Ortiz, Megan Bayne, Tina San Antonio, and Vicious Vicki will compete for the honor of one big honkin’ trophy!  Plus, Men’s Super 8 winner Killian McMurphy will get a shot at the IWTV Heavyweight Title against Wheeler YUTA!
  • HUNTINGDON, ENG — Revolution Pro is running a double-shot Live in Huntingdon (Saturday, 1415GMT and 1900GMT, On Demand)!  The show will feature Doug Williams taking on Shota “Moxley’s Boy” Umino, some Great British Tag League action, the return of Mark Haskins, and QUEEN OF THE RING!  Here’s their first-rounders:
    • Chakara vs. Clementine
    • Gisele Shaw vs. Sky Stimson
    • Hyan vs. Mariah May
    • Maria de la Rosa vs. Zoe Lucas
  • RESEDA, CA — They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!  That’s right, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla re-opens their doors (Sunday, 6PMPT, taped for DVD purchase)!  It’s a Mystery Vortex show, so literally nothing has been announced, but PWG has a good reputation for putting on awesome Mystery shows, so that shouldn’t be an issue!

And now, your independent match of the week — from Women’s Wrestling Revolution, we have Willow Nightingale facing off against DC’s own Trish Adora!

Bring the insanity!