Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 29th July 2021

Howdy-Ho Neighbourinos!

So it turns out I’ve had a Disney+ sub for a while as I forgot to cancel a free membership, meaning I decided to spend all of last night working my way through Loki and I really liked it. Not going to spoil anything, but I found it the funny bits were funny and the dramatic bits were suitably dramatic, so it’s a thumbs up from me. The scene with Casey in Episode 1 primed me well for the comedy going forward and I thought the performances from all of the actors involved across the series were great.

Scheduled on the Blog today: Scott Keith and Thomas Hall have reviews of AEW Dynamite up (And oh BOY, so I have opinions on THAT show they I won’t share here but will probably do so in the comments section on the relevant threads). Thomas Hall has also got an Impact Wrestling Slammiversary review up. Jabroniville, Logan and Myself all have reviews up from yesterday, so if Dream Matches, WWF from 1990 and ROH from 2003 are your respective jams then seek those out. Oh, and Scott only reviewed KOBRA F’N KAI yesterday, so you might want to get on that.

Now some news from Cultaholic

AEW is coming to Chicago

Gee, I wonder what might happen on that show…

Snoop Dogg to work with WWE

He might need copious amounts of Gin ‘N’ Juice to get through that collab

Love Her or Leave Her match booked for NXT

The Mean Street Posse better be at ringside for it

Ridge Holland returns to NXT

If Wade Barret was still wrestling then they would be a natural pairing. The team practically names itself (This is probably one for the UK readers only)

Now for some Zero Punctuation

Have a gooden everyone!