The Legendary Wednesday Night Thread (7/28/21)

DO YOU HEAR THE THUNDER? It ain’t a storm, pal, it’s DYNAMITE! That’s right, the best night to be a wrestling fan this week… Fight For The Fallen!

Tonight, the Dark Order takes on The Elite in a ten man elimination tag! Chris Jericho goes hardcore! Christian, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus go wild on the Hardy Family Office! FTR vs. Santana and Ortiz, with Tully and Konaan on the outside probably having their own match! Plus a bout for the IWGP US title! All an hour from my house, but I was too cheap to buy tickets! Exclamation points!

Anything else happening? Does it matter?

Queen of the Ring tournament is on its way! CHHHarlotte wins or feuds with the winner! New and exciting booking!

The guy who drank tobacco spit gives his expert wrestling analysis.

Vickie Guerrero wants a faction to loudly yell at.

Samoa Joe to wrestle the One Minute Forty champion


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