Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 28th July 2021

Been revisiting GTA III this week, and I have to say that from a graphical perspective it doesn’t hold up too bad. Yeah the character models look a little blocky, but Liberty City still feels like a living breathing City and the weather effects were way better than I remembered. For an earlyish PS2 game it looks pretty good. I’m rubbish at the combat sadly, so the weapon cheat might be in order so I can just snipe and rocket launch from afar like the absolute scum I am.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott Keith and Thomas Hall both have reviews of the most recent NXT episode up right now, whilst Andy PG has an AEW Dark review ready for your reading pleasure. Jabroniville has some more Dream Matches on the docket, whilst Logan Scisco has some more WWF from 1990. I’ve got the concluding part of my ROH Round Robin Challenge 2 review scheduled for later on, whilst Scott has a super-duper special review for later that I won’t spoil, but I’m adequately excited for it!

Now some news from Cultaholic

New Japan has announced two matches for their big show on the 4th of September

One of those matches is pretty big and should draw some interest. I’ll leave it up to your to work out which one I’m talking about…

Karrion Kross was apparently supposed to lose AGAIN to Jeff Hardy on Raw this week until Jeff had to be removed due to buying some tickets to The Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour

I just can’t even with this company sometimes

Becky Lynch might not return to Raw

That’s interesting actually. To be honest, her being on a different show to Charlotte Flair The All-Conquering Destruction Machine might not be the worst thing, and it’s a fresh opponent for Bianca, although I worry that putting your newly elevated babyface in there with the biggest babyface star you had prior to fans coming back might lead to Bianca getting overshadowed a bit

And now a rare moment, as Gordon Ramsay actually LIKES the food?!?!

Take care everyone!