The Uncanny Tuesday Night Thread (7/27/21)

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In the news…

The Rock: once a carny, always a carny.

AEW Rampage world tour….sounds like a video game.

Well, in the same way Nikki A.S.S. is Almost A Superhero (and almost a world champion, except she won it by cheating and now has to job to CHHHarlotte in non title matches while Rhea Ripley stands around trying to act and MONDAY NIGHT RAW ROLLS ON LOL!!!!1)…. this is almost a night thread, starting…. now.

Oh yeah, NXT has Bronson Reed vs. Adam Cole and more Breakout Tournament. AEW Dark has only five matches, with the usual suspects. Sports and stuff. I guess I would be a crappy reporter. I just want to make you laugh; go with what you know, I say.