“Meltzer Knew” jokes

So I'm pretty sure my friends and I made wrestling's version of Chuck Norris jokes. It started with one friend saying Meltzer is reporting Bryan Danielson's debut may be changed because of Punk (tl;dr version). To which another responded, “Meltzer knew before AEW was invented.” Anyway, from there we have this list so far:

– Meltzer knew there would be an AEW when the Young Bucks were still Generation Me
– Meltzer knew it was Vince, Austin. It was Vince all along
– Meltzer knew that Bo knew before Bo
– Meltzer knew who moved the briefcase on Austin when he was about to grab it at King of the Ring
– Meltzer knew Rock vs Mankind would put butts in seats.

Anyway, just figured I'd send it and see if we can get an amusing thread out of it.

Well best of luck with that.