Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 27th July 2021

Hey up chucks!

After about 7-8 days of sun and warm weather we’ve finally moved into the traditional British summer of rain and misery. Farewell sunshine, it was nice to know you.

I didn’t watch Raw, but from reading Thomas’ recap it sounds like they had Charlotte absolutely decimate poor Nikki Storm so she could get her heat back for losing the belt last week. I’ve never really been as anti-Charlotte as everyone else, but that’s a big load of “no thank you” from me I’m afraid. It reeks of Hogan dropping the belt to Goldberg and then the next Nitro being all about him as they desperately tried to heat him up again.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas Hall has got the aforementioned review of Raw up at the moment, whilst Andy PG has a review for AEW Elevation. Later today we’ve got some Wrestling Challenge from Scott Keith, and if you want to dip into articles from yesterday we’ve got some Logan Scisco from 1990 and another Joshi Spotlight from Jabroniville.

Now some news from Cultaholic

Keith Lee to explain his absence soon

Regardless of the cause for it I just hope he’s doing okay

TNT Title match booked for AEW Homecoming

Anyone else feel like it’s almost too soon for them to already be back in Jacksonville? No offence, but I don’t want to see Daily’s Place for at least a year after this

Career Vs Title match booked for NWA 73rd Anniversary Show

I wonder if Scott will be reviewing this one? I must say I do personally miss the Powerrr reviews. Even though I haven’t watched an episode since it went behind a pay wall I did still enjoy Scott’s reviews of the show

WWE will be returning to Saudi Arabia

Might as well pay Goldberg what he wants to do this one as well then and let him squish a geek to pop the crowd

WWE is developing a Vince McMahon TV series

Have a gooden everyone!