Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 26th July 2021

Hey ya’ll!

I saw some clips from that Loki show and it looks to have a good mix of comedy, drama and action. I haven’t got a Disney+ sub, but I am tempted to give that show a try.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott Keith has got some AWA waiting for us, whilst Jabroniville has another Joshi Spotlight in the works. Logan Scisco will be treating us to another WWF review from 1990. Rock Star Gary also has an AWA review up that you can read right now!

Now some news courtesy of Cultaholic

Nikki Storm wants a match with Becky Lynch

Heck, I’d watch that!

Booker T thinks Karrion Kross’ loss was no big deal

He’s been well briefed I see. I mean, of course Kross can rebound, but it was still a boneheaded move

Jeff Hardy has bought tickets to The Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour

Here’s hoping that he’s in good health and will be back soon

AEW is seemingly doing well right now



Have a gooden everyone!