Best or favorite super-finisher of all time?

I used to love how Angle had the grapevine ankle lock for those really persistent opponents, or the run-up top rope Angle Slam for opponents who liked to come off the top. Unfortunately, the grapevine sort of ended up neutering the standard ankle lock pretty quickly when he started using it in virtually every match, but I did like the initial premise of it being a variation that he only had to resort to once in a while. 

While I'm not a big fan of it visually, I do feel that Randy Orton's punt hits that sweet spot of having a track record of not only ending matches, but it being used only occasionally when Randy really wanted to hurt guys and take them off of TV for a few weeks. That's one that has been really protected over the years and thus really works. 

Agree with both of those 100 percent.  I can’t even think of a better example off the top of my head.  Maybe the Vadersault?