Dude, where exactly does NXT stand? Canon? Non Canon? 

Just watching SmackDown. (Sidenote, really glad Cena is back, he just brings the energy in a way the other guys don't right now.)
It's seems like even the announcers aren't sure where NXT is supposed to fit in. You've got Michael Cole kinda meekly referencing Finn Balor and Sami Zayn being former NXT champs, and saying that being in NXT is “competing at a high level”. Then 2 sentences later having Pat McAfee saying the Balor has ring rust from being away from SmackDown. He was leading a faction there while Balor was the champ like 5 months ago! He must have really banged his head good in the War Games match huh? Lol

What actually gives?


NXT is programming to fill time on USA and has little other purpose at the moment, sadly.  It’s not really developing talent and they’re not touring.