New World Order?

Daniel Bryan and possibly CM Punk to AEW will be amazing additions, but are people dead serious comparing this to the impact of Hall and Nash showing up on Nitro? Like can't people enjoy things without having to put on the pressure of making everything AEW does life changing events. Besides the fact that Hall and Nash were younger and signing to wrestle full time, nothing will ever come close to the shock and awe of seeing the Outsiders show up on WCW because of the internet today. Most fans had no clue what was going on, it was amazing. I think both signings will deliver a big pop and will def make some noise, but it's not like they are full time so I sure things will settle down after a few weeks. I definitely don't see it as “forever changing the landscape in wrestling”. What makes this different than WCW and TNA, Tony's dad?

I am more curious about why the need for AEW to keep signing these guys. I could see bringing them in for a match or two, but they barely have time on non YouTube shows for the current roster as it is. One hour on Friday isn't going to make a huge difference. I feel like Tony got spooked by the ratings dropping early and changed course on what his original plan was. I think he feels so much pressure to instantly compete with WWE that he is now going for short term gains and rating pops instead of building something that will be here for the long haul. 

And what happened to creating new stars while not relying on old wwe guys? I get a couple of them like Black and Miro who both got raw deals, but does Christian and Matt Hardy really need all this TV time. Plus all these signings dampen the previous new people's shine. And do fans not think this gonna stunt the growth of young guys they have been building up? Like the fact Hangman and MJF don't each have big title wins is mindblowing to me. I think MJF especially will remember this when his deal is up. I know people want to say oh Darby is a star but Darby has said countless times he won't be wrestling that long so he is not someone you can anchor a promotion around longterm like MJF. And do they really have anyone that is really mainstream, not just beloved the IWC? Say what you will about WWE making new stars but I have seen Sasha in Star Wars stuff, Drew interviewing famous people like Matthew Mcconaughey on Drew & A, and Miz with his reality show. Don't give me Cody as an example either cause as much as they try him and Brandi are not the big stars they think they are. 

So just to clarify your stance here, you're saying that if Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are both looking to sign with your company and you can afford them, you say NO?  Weird flex but OK.