Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 24th July 2021

It’s the weekend!

I’ve actually not watched any of the Olympics yet, which is the first time since probably 1996 that I haven’t at least watched some of it. I’m not sure why, but I’m just not feeling it this time for whatever reason. I might try and take some of it in over the weekend, we’ll see.

Scheduled on the Blog today: Thomas Hall has a review of last night’s Smackdown up and ready for reading, whilst Logan Scisco’s Prime Time Wrestling review from 1990 is worth your time also. I’ve got a review of WWF Invasion from 2001 up right now, so check under the Daily Thread if you fancy reading that. And of course Scott Keith has some grapple-tastic writing for us scheduled for later with a review of WWF Superstars from 1993. I do really enjoy those actually so consider me adequately jazzed!

Now some news courtesy of Cultaholic

WWE will be holding a pay per view on New Years Day 2022

I’m sure the roster are thrilled to be having to travel during traditionally one of the busiest periods of the year

AEW interested in Buddy Murphy

Dude can work but that roster is already pretty stacked so he could potentially get lost in the shuffle, If he goes to Impact or ROH he could be one of the top guys quite easily

Braun Strowman looking to return to WWE

This one could be a potential can of worms actually, especially if he essentially undercuts the rest of the roster by coming back on considerably less. It will pretty much mean that going forward WWE can just release relatively big names in order to offer them lower deals to come back, which essentially means hardly anyone is safe anymore. I’m sure the rest of the roster will be less than happy if this happens due to the ramifications for themselves going forward. It’s a difficult one too, as Braun can’t really be expected to take a bullet for everyone else here by turning it down and it’s not like WWE is going to turn up the chance to save some money on a previously big contract. The whole situation is kind of a mess

Jay White confronts The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega

Have a good day ya’ll!